Construction Service Overview

 Design and Build

Our construction team are highly experienced in managing site labours and materials
giving us ultimate controls over the project delivery. From managing resources for
design to preparation of architectural drawing and navigating through building
regulations we never leave any stone unturned. We will help you in the planning,
procedure and provision of structural engineering expertise from the design stage
to the final signing off the build.


The extension is an affordable and achievable way to increase your living space. We
provide the best extension services to extend your living spaces or workplace.
The home extension project done by home remodeling experts at Transhomes do no
compromise the overall appearance of the property and your initial property will
be seamlessly transitioned into a larger spacious property as desired, all within
the contracted time frame.


Some properties or buildings are prime opportunities for conversion either
domestic or commercials to suit a number of purposes. Our creative and resourceful
team are full will verify your property to assess the best options for conversion and
pt together the specifications. The team first draws a details plan for the fixtures
and fittings and work accordingly.

One of the most popular conversions is loft conversion. It is the easiest way to
use the existing space to its fullest and the final product is just mesmerizing.
The personalized and professional service at Transhomes for any kind of conversion
has never disappointed any clients up to date.


We work with property developers and homeowners mainly for renovation, refurbishment
or remodelling homes and buildings. Transhomes provides the most qualified and
experienced professionals to ensure the best project delivery.

Project Management

Transhomes is continuously growing our management expertise and techniques so that
our project management team can act as a catalyst for excellent project delivery. Our
core abilities inside project management include project planning, project contracting,
time management, investment analysis, cost estimation, project programming, quality
assurance and risk management.

Welcome to Transhomes!

At Transhomes, we deliver what we promise. With leading professional team and expertise on various infrastructure and construction services, be ready to see the desired structure come to life.

Why choose us?

Trust and Integrity

We are committed to earn trust of our clients. Our quality professional team ensures the commitments are met through the efforts.

Effective Management

Even the most time restricted projects, transhomes is able to deliver same professional results, thanks to our experts in resource management. ‘Delivery dynamic’ is what we strive for in every project.

Customer Focused

What we do best is impress our clients with results beyond the expectations. Our team values the project as much as it means to our clients.